Frequently Asked

Southeast Asia's first expert network connecting the fastest growing region to the world. We connect the knowledge that organisations need with the largest network of experts in Southeast Asia.

Be Our Expert

The opportunity to expand your presence and reputation within your domain, while being rewarded financially.
Absolutely, as long as your current employment does not restrict you from engaging in external consultations.
We believe everyone is an expert in their own right. You are more than welcome to join and grow your career and reputation with Sealed.
Sealed is free to join. We will compensate you for your time and expertise.

Be Our Client

Sealed is focused on Southeast Asia. Headquartered in Singapore, we currently have more than 30,000 experts in our internal database.
Our extensive network and focus on Southeast Asia give clients exclusive access to experts in the region that were previously inaccessible.
Typically a few hours to a day. If the topic is niche, it may take longer.